I always had a love and passion for art as I was growing up. As a child, I would draw on anything my little mits could reach. Now, entering the tattoo world, it is definitely the most enjoyable form of art for me.

I am extremely greatful to be given such an opportunity by Kerry, to learn to tattoo and study under him, along with an experienced team. And yes, I am definitely still learning. Tattooing is a growing industry with new techniques and methods of practice being introduced all the time. I continue to learn and develop as an artist with each tattoo.

The best part about tattooing are the clients. Developing their ideas and making them come to life. I have the benefit of being apart of their excitement and relief after the completion of every tattoo.

I like to keep my artwork rounded. My goal is to grow and develop as an artist, to take on new challenges that each tattoo brings and to be the best artist for myself and my clients.